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Centuries ago, a few brave souls decided to travel long distances, discovering unknown cultures. In their diaries, they described what they saw, bringing unattainable impressions and curiosities to those who could only dream of traveling. Within the 20th century travel ceased to be a privilege of the few, opening its doors to almost everyone. Yet, why do we still travel when we have access to countless reports? The answer lies in the irreplaceable essence of personal encounters. Nothing can replace your own impressions and emotions which will make you understand a foreign culture. The Folk Show at Jama Michalika is one of a kind opportunity to participate in an immersive exploration of Poland's vibrant history and folklore.

Folklore - Poland - Krakow

Location: Jama Michalika, Floriańska 45, Krakow
Price: 180,00 PLN
Time: Wednesday and Saturday at 19:00 - 20:30


Folklore encompasses the rich tangible and intangible traditions of folk culture, divided into material aspects like folk architecture, art, and costumes, and immaterial facets such as songs, proverbs, and legends. Polish folklore is remarkably colourful, rich, and interesting, adorned with vibrant traditions, captivating tales, and diverse cultural expressions. Luckily, we observe a growing appreciation and interest in folklore among travelers. There are two ways to learn about Polish folklore during your visit to Krakow depending on your preferences: you can either discover it independently at the Ethnographic Museum (tickets available at GetYourGuide) or participate in the Folk Show at Jama Michalika for an immersive live performance (tickets available at iVisitKrakow highly recommends both experiences if you have enough time to deeply immerse yourself in Polish cultural venues.


The Jama Michalika Cafe, located in a 15th-century building at 45 Floriańska Street, serves as the perfect setting for the Folk Show. Jama Michalika, which translates to "Michalik's Den" in Polish, stands as one of Krakow's venerable cafes, established in 1895 by Jan Apolinary Michalik, a confectioner from Lviv. The cafe itself is a testament to Krakow's rich cultural legacy and a truly extraordinary spot on the cultural map of Krakow. Given that cuisine is an integral aspect of each culture, and the show takes place within a restaurant setting, the food plays a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience. The visitors are presented with an opportunity to savor authentic Polish cuisine, further immersing themselves in the cultural journey.


The activity provider is Pro-Arts Agency organizing the event constantly since 2009 every Wednesday and Saturday at 19:00. Colorful costumes, dances, a dynamic music program and the real passion of performers from the folklore group "Krakusy" will undoubtedly leave a lasting memory for every tourist, offering an authentic encounter with local people and culture. The group comprises professional musicians, singers, dancers, and instructors of folk groups, guaranteeing that the performance reaches the highest artistic standards. An included dinner composed of three traditional dishes is an integral part of the experience. As tickets tend to sell out, it is highly recommended to purchase your entry in advance before arriving to Krakow. Choose the date and buy your ticket at

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