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In Krakow, the culinary scene is a delightful mosaic offering an array of options for every palate. Tourists can explore a diverse range of cuisines, from Italian, Greek, and Asian to Mexican and international flavours, ensuring there's something for everyone. While the city caters to various tastes, we highly recommend immersing yourself in the local culture by tasting the Polish cuisine. This culinary adventure is not just a meal but an essential part of experiencing the richness of Polish traditions. In this article, you will find our subjective recommendations for exclusively experiencing Polish cuisine. Enjoy your meal, or as we say in Polish: Smacznego!

Image by Eugen Kucheruk


Poland, with its rich history and diverse cultural influences, boasts a distinctive culinary tradition that has evolved over centuries. Historical changes have significantly shaped the unique features of Polish cuisine, creating a delightful tapestry of flavors that continue to captivate both locals and visitors. Throughout its history, Poland's geographical location and shifting borders have exposed its cuisine to a mosaic of influences from various nations. This culinary amalgamation has resulted in a diverse array of dishes that reflect the country's vibrant heritage.

Among the most popular dishes in Polish cuisine are the soups, with "żurek" standing out prominently. Often served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread, this sour rye soup is a comforting and traditional choice. Meat dishes, featuring pork, poultry, and beef, showcase the heartiness and richness that characterise Polish meals. Dumplings, known as "pierogi," are a beloved staple, offering a versatile canvas for various fillings such as potatoes, cheese, or meat. Bigos, a traditional dish made with sauerkraut, sausage, meat, and mushrooms, reflects the resourcefulness of Polish cooking, blending different elements into a satisfying and delicious whole.


Polish desserts are a sweet indulgence, with apple pie, doughnuts, and poppy seed cake being popular choices. Each dessert reflects a blend of tradition and creativity, offering a perfect ending to a Polish feast.

While the popularity of vodka may have waned in recent times, it remains a characteristic Polish alcoholic beverage. The nation's history and cultural celebrations are often intertwined with the iconic spirit, representing a unique aspect of Polish drinking culture.

In conclusion, Polish cuisine is a delightful journey through history, from hearty soups to comforting dumplings and sweet desserts, each dish tells a story of Poland's rich and diverse culinary heritage. So, embark on a culinary adventure, savour the flavours, and experience the warmth of Polish hospitality. Smacznego! (Enjoy your meal!)


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The Old Town, nestled in the heart of Krakow, presents a diverse array of Polish restaurants catering to all budgets. From cozy eateries to fine dining establishments, visitors can explore the rich tapestry of Polish cuisine in this historic and charming district. However, a deeper investigation into the prices and type of each place may be necessary to ensure it aligns with individual preferences and expectations.

WIERZYNEK: The esteemed 1st place on our list has to be awarded to Wierzynek, the oldest restaurant in Krakow located in the main square, at the very heart of the city. According to legends, the venue was opened in 1364. Since then, it has hosted De Gaulle, Castro, Bush, Akihito, Juan Carlos, and other world leaders and stars. The menu is centered around authentic Polish cuisine and traditional feasting habits from the 14th century.

Address: Rynek Główny 16, 31-008 Krakow


ZALIPIANKI: As the owner, Ewa Wachowicz, states: 'There is a place on the edge of the Old Town, next to the Krakow Planty, where the colorful tradition of Lesser Poland's Zalipie is part of the culinary heritage of the town of Polish kings. Created with passion, born out of love for cooking, with respect for nature. Based on local products and proven recipes. These are my Zalipianki.' The name 'Zalipianki' comes from the enchanting village of Zalipie renowned for the houses adorned with hand-painted floral patterns. Find more information about Zalipie in our one-day trip recommendation.

Address: Szewska 24, 31-009 Krakow


POD ANIOŁAMI: A rather elegant and expensive venue located in an 18th-century cellars in the building on The Royal Route, leading to Wawel Castle. The place is renowned for its marinated meats, grilled over beech hardwood fire, and other traditional old Polish dishes. There is also a charming year-round open garden with a mosaic fountain.

Address: Grodzka 35, 31-001 Krakow


MORSKIE OKO: The restaurant is located in an Art Nouveau tenement house at 8 Szczepański Square; in every detail, it refers to the unique atmosphere of a highlander inn typical for Zakopane style and the Tatra mountains. The name 'Morskie Oko' can be translated as 'The Eye of the Sea', a famous lake in the Tatra mountains. You may hear traditional mountain music in the background. The local specialty is handmade dumplings and freshly baked cakes served for dessert. Guests can also taste regional alcoholic beverages: sweet honey vodka, liqueurs based on angelica herb or sloe, and the famous plum vodka.

Address: Plac Szczepański 8, 31-011 Krakow


MILKBAR TOMASZA: A budget-friendly option and an excellent place to try Polish food. This cozy establishment boasts a modern twist on the classic milk bar - 'bar mleczny' a typical Polish cafeteria that, during the communist era, provided government-subsidized traditional Polish cuisine at a low cost. The ambiance is warm and inviting.

Address: Świętego Tomasza 24, 33-332 Krakow


CHŁOPSKIE JADŁO: This is one of the most popular and longest-operating restaurant chains in Poland, specializing in Polish cuisine. The restaurant adopts the décor of country cottages, aiming to immerse guests in the world of 19th-century peasant Poland. A favored option for tourist groups, Chłopskie Jadło is a well-established Polish food franchise. If you're seeking traditional and tasty yet reasonably priced food in Krakow, this is a place to consider.

Address: Grodzka 9, 31-332 Krakow


RESTAURACJA POD BARANEM: A family-run restaurant, established in 1997 and featured in the Michelin Guide, specializes in traditional Polish cuisine with European influences. Notably, the restaurant provides gluten-free options, a less common offering within the realm of Polish cuisine.

Address: Świętej Gertrudy 21, 31-048 Krakow


SUKIENNICE: As the name of the restaurant suggests, the venue is situated in the Krakow Cloth Hall, right in the center of the Main Market Square. It's a warm bistro with arched ceilings and traditional fare, plus patio seating on the city's main square. The restaurant has two levels and overlooks the Market Square and the historic Town Hall Tower, which is an attraction itself. Among other dishes, you can try traditional Polish old-style sauerkraut and meat served in bread, as well as meat-stuffed cabbage served with potatoes and mushroom sauce.

Address: Rynek Główny 3, 31-042 Krakow


TRZY RYBKI: Trzy Rybki is an elegant and expensive restaurant located in the beautifully designed Stary Hotel’s basement. The restaurant serves authentic Polish food, as well as modern European cuisine with a Polish twist. The restaurant is recommended in the Michelin Guide.

Address: Szczepańska 5, 31-011 Krakow


CZARNA KACZKA: Czarna Kaczka ('The Black Duck') restaurant specializes in Polish cuisine, offering, among others, a wide selection of duck dishes. As the owners state: 'The Black Duck is the result of our passion for traditional, home-made Polish cuisine'. The restaurant is located on Poselska Street, around the corner from Grodzka Street, which connects the Wawel Royal Castle with the Main Market Square.

Address: Poselska 22, 31-002 Krakow


Once overlooked and even considered somewhat perilous, Kazimierz - the Jewish Quarter in Krakow - has undergone a remarkable transformation. Not long ago, this district was forgotten, but today, it stands next to the Old Town as one of the most popular and vibrant areas in Krakow. Brimming with young energy, the cobbled streets of Kazimierz are now lined with trendy bars, cozy cafes, and enticing restaurants. The district exudes a unique and lively atmosphere, inviting both locals and visitors to explore its rich history and embrace its modern charm. With a wide selection of restaurants, Kazimierz is also an excellent choice for those looking to indulge in authentic Polish cuisine.

STARKA: Intimate, warmly decorated 2-room restaurant and bar offering hearty modern dishes and extensive vodka menu. Highly rated and recommended by travelers and locals alike. The owners state, 'The restaurant’s atmosphere gives a traditional Polish influence with beautiful colors and vibrant flavors. Our menu features traditional Polish fare, enriched with modern accents'.

Address: Józefa 14, 31-056 Krakow


ZALEWAJKA: Focused on Polish cuisine, relaxed eatery serving hearty traditional dishes and desserts in a warm, brick-lined dining room. The name "Zalewajka" comes from a traditional soup originating in Polish folk cuisine.

Address: Wąska 2, 31-057 Krakow


KUCHNIA U DOROTY: Informal restaurant offering traditional, old-school cooking amid rustic-style surroundings. The owners state, 'We offer dishes prepared according to old, proven recipes that will satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Rustic interiors create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for a family dinner or a meeting with friends. See for yourself how unique meals can be, just like at your mom's'.

Address: Augustiańska 4, 31-064 Krakow


RESTAURACJA POLSKA: A small yet highly authentic, cozy and rustic Polish restaurant providing value for money and excellent service. Żurek, a traditional Polish soup, is served in a hollowed-out loaf of bread at this establishment. 

Address: Beera Meiselsa 22, 31-063 Krakow


KUCHNIA DOMOWA SĄSIEDZI: Down-home eatery serving traditional meat dishes, soups, and potato pancakes in a warm atmosphere with reasonable prices. It's not a typical restaurant but rather a "self-service" venue where you order and pay at the counter, then, once you've enjoyed the food, return your tray.

Address: Miodowa 25, 31-055 Krakow

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