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Consider at least one of the unforgettable tours and trips from Krakow to explore the wonders beyond its borders. Follow our recommendations and discover enchanting destinations such as Zakopane and Warsaw, allowing you to experience the diversity of Poland's cultural and natural treasures. With Krakow's strategic location and efficient public transport network, you can seamlessly journey to these iconic spots and discover the rich history and breathtaking landscapes they offer. Discover the allure of Zakopane's scenic beauty or delve into the vibrant history of Warsaw, all made effortlessly accessible from the heart of Krakow. 


We have prepared this simple interactive map to give you an idea about the main destinations for the one-day trips beyond Krakow described in our articles. The South of Poland offers various options accessible thanks to contemporary transport infrastructure, organized trips, or car rentals. Feel free to browse through our articles and choose your favorite destination.

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