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The Wooden Architecture Route in Małopolska comprises 251 of the most valuable and intriguing historic wooden structures. This captivating trail features picturesque examples of Roman Catholic, Greek Catholic, and Orthodox churches, alongside towering bell-towers, Old Polish manors, detached houses, and heritage parks. Each site along the route represents an invaluable legacy of folk culture that has withstood the test of time. Immerse yourself in the rich history of these well-preserved wooden buildings, showcasing the cultural heritage of Małopolska. Plan your exploration wisely and consider pre-booking to make the most of this remarkable journey through time.


The inception of the Wooden Architecture Route dates back to 2001, a commendable effort by the Małopolska Region. Following the completion of the route's design phase and the establishment of collaborative partnerships with neighbouring regions, informative boards and wayfinding signs were strategically placed.

In 2003, a significant milestone was achieved when four wooden churches in Małopolska were included in the prestigious UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List. Notable among them are the Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Binarowa, the Parish Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Dębno Podhalańskie, St. Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana, and the Filial Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob in Sękowa. To enhance the route's accessibility and navigation, route signs were renewed and supplemented in 2008, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for those exploring the Wooden Architecture Route.


Lipnica Murowana - Photo_ Jolanta Dziewit

St. Leonard’s Church in Lipnica Murowana, dating back to the late 15th century, stands as one of the oldest and most cherished wooden churches in Małopolska. This historic gem earned its rightful place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. According to tradition, its roots extend to 1141, purportedly built on the site of a pagan temple, giving rise to the so-called Światowid’s pillar, which served as a back support for the St. Leonard altar.

The church's interior is a captivating canvas adorned with paintings (polychrome) spanning various periods from the late 15th to the early 18th century. Notable decorations in the chancel include depictions of The Crucifixion, The Last Supper, and the Last Judgment, while the nave showcases scenes from The Passion and The Ten Commandments. Among the precious fittings are a rare processional feretrum featuring a bas-relief of the Holy Trinity and a still-functioning music box.


Wooden Architecture route Malopolska

The Filial Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob in Sękowa stands proudly as one of the most precious wooden churches in Małopolska, earning its place on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2003. Constructed in 1520 from hand-cut larch-wood logs, this historic gem underwent enhancements in the 18th century, including the addition of a spire and an extensive covered veranda (exonarthex).

Adorned with shingles, excluding the bell-house, the church's surface enhances its picturesque appeal, creating a captivating massing effect. The current fittings showcase a late-Renaissance main altar from the early 17th century, meticulously reconstructed in 1948-49 following its destruction in 1915. The altar boasts a rich polychrome decoration featuring a painting depicting St. Nicholas, St. Benedict, and St. Antony, accompanied by a sculpture of the Saviour of the World.

Explore the historical and artistic richness of the Filial Church of St. Philip and St. Jacob in Sękowa, and plan your visit wisely by considering pre-booking options. Immerse yourself in the cultural legacy of Małopolska's wooden churches through this UNESCO-listed treasure.


The public transport network in the Malopolska Region is well-developed, offering multiple bus and train connections for convenient travel. With 251 of the most valuable historic wooden structures on the Wooden Architecture Route to choose from, you have the flexibility to organize your trip according to your preferences.


Additionally, numerous private tours are advertised online, providing an easier alternative for exploring the Wooden Architecture Route. To ensure a seamless experience, plan your visit wisely and consider booking the intriguing Wooden Architecture Trail UNESCO Private Tour in advance through Get Your Guide.

For added independence and flexibility, renting a car is also a viable option, allowing you to reach as many spots on the Wooden Architecture Route as you desire. Explore at your own pace and make the most of your journey through the captivating historical treasures of Malopolska. If you need to rent a car, save up to 70% with the Car Rental company.

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